About Intayoberana cultural dance troup

Intayoberana history and background

The Intayoberana cultural troupe was created in 2014 from a serious context. his creation is an answer to a serious question in the field of education of young people, culture and art in Rwanda. we note that with the new generation of our young artists, the Rwandan shows lose their cultural authenticity under the guise of modernity and that the public of the young spectators or viewers identifies with these models of forms which embody the new artistic culture of the Rwanda.
Our young people are losing the right models to be the heroes and cultural artisans who yesterday allowed their eldest to win legendary battles in society, politics and diplomacy.
By creating the Intayoberana cultural troupe, we have no intention of going against the current of modernity. We remain engaged in a useful struggle that fills a deep mark: to accept to modernize our art while preserving its authenticity and Its cultural corollaries, in that they carry as an instructive message to the youngster and the promotion of the good image of our country. This is the meaning of creating a cultural troupe that we call the CULTURAL TROUPE INTAYOBERANA.

Kayigemera Sangwa Aline. the founder, when she founded Intayoberana, a Rwandan traditional dance troupe, five years ago, for Aline Sangwa Kagemere, it was just another traditional troupe added to the already existing ones in the country. However, as the troupe became a success, performing at several stages and attracting more members, children began showing interest in learning the traditional dance. “When I started Intayoberana, kids started coming and some parents who were part of the troupe would bring theirs so that they can learn the dance. We began with a few kids who inspired other kids to join,” she says. Having learned the traditional dance at the age of five, and dance coach at the age of 13, it was easy for Sangwa to teach the children, with so much patience and zeal. “At home, we had so many kids who came to learn because my mother was a traditional singer and dancer. “Training children is something I love to do even though it requires passion and commitment because you have to train them from scratch, yet, being kids, it’s normal for them to lose focus which means you have to be patient. I teach them to concentrate and focus and I’m lucky that they give me their attention, and we teach them Rwandan values,” she says.
Intayoberana troup is composed by 80 adults and around 100 children of "Uruyange rw'Intayoberana"

Our vision

  • We aim to sustain a Rwandan society more concerned with its culture and the values it carries.
  • To enrich the culture of Rwanda by spreading it all over the world and cultivating all its values.

Our mission

Contribute to the enhancement of Rwandan culture through education, entertainment and artistic creation background.

Our values

  • A unique culture based on poetry of Rwandan orgonality.
  • Culture that never melts with an absolute source.
  • The same culture that unites the Rwandan people as well as their unique language ''''ikinyarwanda".